Sunday, 21 December 2014

gameboy jumper review!

ayo blog!!

today i'm talking about one of my latest buys  which as usual i got ages ago and haven't posted about because i'm a dork.

but i was intending on posting it sooner but then i got all caught up in naruto again and my feels were everywhere (as you can imagine if you've read it all!)

so here we go!

this is the picture from the store of the jumper : 

i think this jumper is super cuute! i was expecting a different main material as this one is kind of silky if that makes sense... but it is cosy wosy and i like that in a jumper :3

keep an eye out for more posts coming soon!

:3 tomorrow there will be another one and it will be more detailed i promise! today i'm just soo snoozy... no excuse i know but... yeah

mini xox

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