Friday, 26 December 2014

batman shirt review! :3

was so excited about christmas and cosplay and naruto and everything :S
sorryyyyyyyy but here we go!
better late than never, neh?

i ordered this totally awesome batman and the joker shirt before i went away and it arrived and it's way better than i originally thought it would be!
it's probably the best quality of anything i've ever bought for cheapness over the internet!!!

this is the shiiiirrrttttt <3 and i seriously totally loved the print because i freaking love the Joker soooo... yeaaa i had to get it!!

when i ordered it i didn't really pay too much attention to how long it was XD but i really like how long it is because i can wear it as a (totally slutty) tshirt dress when i go to bed and i'm lazy or when it's too hot to wear pants which is always in australia XD 

sorry about the crinkley-ness! 

i included this close up picture because i thought it was incredible that the pattern matched so well with the back and the front! ahaha it's like batman is all complete! :D

as you can totally see the store picture and my picture are so freaking similar i was so excited about this item because it was so close to what was actually being sold to me and i bought it for super cheap from aliexpress.... and i had such low expectations to be honest.
but BAM! awesome shirt.

keep posted as i will be posting tomorrow - i promise.
about the white corset i was ordering for my o.c white rabbit costume :3

also! as a bonus because it was christmas..
HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM CHRISTMAS NARUKO :3 mwaaah mwaaah!(those are kissing sounds)

mini xox

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