Saturday, 27 September 2014

sailor moon purse review!

hiya everyone!!

so today was a truly amazing day at Animaga in Melbourne! and i will be creating a short blog about that shortly! expect it tomorrow or after... but not too much after i promise :D 

buuutt this post is all about my current purse / wallet that is totally amazing and super kawaii.

2014 new Hot Sailor moon Tsukino Usagi cosplay wallet harajuku women girls kawaii long style purse Free Shipping


it is a really great buy! it's pretty strong which is something i didn't expect! i've bought purses similar to this one and within a really short time of buying it the area about the push stud was tearing but that is no to be seen at all in this purse and i've been using it every day pretty much since i bought it.

these pictures were taken the day it arrived and as you can see i've already put my things in it! most importantly my Dark Magician Yu-Gi-Oh card.

but yes, this is a really amazing purchase. and it's super cute and i get heaps of compliments when i use it. 

more reviews to come :3  and a run down of todays escapades at Animaga.

see pics of my costume here - > 

mini xox

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