Thursday, 25 September 2014

keyblade necklace review

sorry this is really late and behind and everything but i had a cheer competition and then i've been working my a$$ off to get my Dark Magician Girl cosplay ready for saturday! those ontop of college work i've been really swamped!!

but here we go!

as you would have seen in a previous blog i purchased a Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Keyblade Necklace from aliexpress!!

aaannnddd i love it! i love it so much i wear it everyday. seriously i do!

Anime Kingdom Hearts Sora Key Blade Keyblade Pendant Necklace

i purchased it for $5.00 AUD annnnd oh my gosh what a bargain! 

here are my pictures of my beautiful keyblade : 

when i first ordered it i didn't even notice the little diamonds on the handle. but i love it all so so much.

it's so simple yet so amazing and i really suggest everyone who is a square enix / disney fan checks out Kingdom Hearts if you haven't already!

and has some really amazing (good quality!) products for really affordable prices.

so make sure you check it out :D

here's a super bonus for just this blog - i've been working super super hard on my dark magician girl cosplay and i'm nearly done! and thank goodness because animaga is THIS saturday! i will be making a video blog of our experiences at the convention as it's going to be it's first year ever! :D

so keep posted for that... if you're interested in seeing more cosplay stuff you can check out my facebook page!

or my instagram

or my twitter  

my next post will be about this amazing Sailor Moon purse i purchased earlier in the month! :D 

mini xox

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