Saturday, 7 June 2014

personal update june ◡‿◡✿

hey there everyone!

i'm just posting a quick personal update about a various amount of things including some fashion related things as well as some person stuff that i would like to get off my chest somewhere and of course some news that will effect my posting for a while. 

and we will start with the things that will effect my blogging for - at the moment an unknown time. unfortunately i have broken my phone screen and at the moment i'm unsure as to how long it will take to fix. 
this is a bit of an issue as i'm sure people have noticed but i prefer the convenience of using my phone to take my product shots for reviews and things. so i'm going to be using my camera which i find is more time consuming -  but it is good because i did want to start using my camera for quality reasons ... so that should end up being better in the end :]

next up we'll talk about the fashion things, then if you don't want to read about my personal issues you can just stop there! 

so my confidence and things has recently taken a huge hit and so recently i haven't been wearing the style and clothing that i would really wear. however to remedy this i've been window shopping - RETAIL THERAPY TIME - and so i'm hoping some new shoes will make me feel better as well as some dresses and some other various items that i've had my eye on for some time.

also recently i've felt a style shift coming and while i'm still totally addicted to the decora fashion i seem to be drifting sort of back into my black and dark clothing stages - most likely because that's where i always felt most comfortable. however, i feel that resorting back to my black obsession is losing all the progress i made coming out of it so i'm hoping that i can try living in pastel gothic sort of fashion for a while - since it's kind of my ideal style combination of colour and black with accessories and whatnot. so it's sounds promising. :3

finally the personal things..

unfortunately i've been really ill recently - mostly mental but what sucks most about being sick in the head is that it makes you sick throughout the rest of your body. i've been unable to eat a good healthy amount and i've been unable to sleep at night, which is an issue i've had for a long time but it's getting worse now. 
as a result of this sickness i'm losing self esteem, motivation, confidence, strength, will to live and just generally losing my ability to care for myself and others.
this is seriously effecting my college work and hobbies such as blogging and cheerleading. college is almost over for the semester but because of my illness i'm having issues getting together a mid year folio in order to pass and for cheerleading we have a competition coming up and i just don't have the energy or will to really try. 
i just thought it was important that you guys know that i will be here and there will my posts and i'm hoping to be able to whip myself into doing a post at least fortnightly until my motivation comes back. 

until that time.

mini xox

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