Monday, 2 June 2014

june inspiration! ◕‿◕✿

hiya everyone!

so as today is the first of the month i will be postin an inspiration based blog but to start off i just wanted to shout out to my friend Casey, whose birthday it is today and i wanted to say that i had a damn great time at her party the other night! 

okay, and continuing onwards!

today i want to focus on the amazing outfits (and legs) of 2ne1's Park Bom!

Park Bom is a lead vocalist of the K-Pop group 2ne1 and if you haven't heard their music you should get on that ! 

aside from having kickass vocal talent Bom has a truly amazing style that i can't get enough of! (in fact the whole group does!)

Bom usually wears a short dress in order to show off her legs and i'm glad she does! she always looks so amazing and beautiful and doll like.

Her style is so chic but also kind of punky or grungy - which is something i really admire and wish that i could find similar products to achieve the same style - it's been a huge issue for me because i want to look punk rock chick and cute at the same time and i just want to look like all these different styles at the same time and it's so hard!!! how does Bom do it?!!

 i truly cannot seem to handle how stunning she is!

aside from the amazing dress sense and style she wears - whether it is by her design or not I am blown away with how good her hair looks!

Bom's hair - like many k-Pop stars changes often and whether or not it is by use of a wig or hair dye and scissors she still always looks so stunning!

While i think Bom can pull of any hair colour really i'm smitten with how she looks with the rich red velvet hair - as pictured above.

 As well as the rich red I adore Bom with black / dark brown hair and the sort of teal colour she rocks in the 'It Hurts' music video.

While i really admire the stylings and fashion of Bom it's hard to really blog about her and not talk about her legs! 
Bom has legs that i would really kill for they're beautiful!
Long, slim yet toned and well just generally to die for in my opinion.

Unfortunately there isn't much i can think to say in terms of how much i love Park Bom...

apart from, well, everything!

if you haven't hear 2ne1's music before they're seriously awesome and you can do that here 

i'm hoping to blog again soon i know i said i had some products to review and i still have them but i've been busy getting ready for (what feels like ) everyone i knows 21st birthday - including mine!

i know exciting right? i turn 21 on the 28/6 ooooohhh!!

anyway, keep an eye out for some posts in the not too distant future! 

mini xox

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