Monday, 26 May 2014

harajuku clock bag review! ♥‿♥

♥‿♥ heya everyone!

i'm back with another product review today! yay!

so, recently my handbag broke T_T i was rather upset because my mother had bought it for me and it had all these keys on it and a key pattern on the inside and i was really attached to it. since it broke i was going without a handbag really and using any bag i could really find and so it was time to get a new one.

and i did!

i found an adorable little bag that is enough to carry all i need when i go out! 

links and store description 

so this bag i really love and i actually recieved it a while ago but i've been so happy using it that i've forgotten that it was new and i should blog about it!

i'm super happy with the look and the material and everything about this purchase! it was cheap but it's not made cheap - which is something that really stood out for me.
and of course, free shipping! :3

so i really love this bag, if you hadn't noticed.

and what i really love is the gothic sort of font and design of the clock on the side!

one of the greatest things for this bag is inside it has a small zip pocket which is a perfect fit for my phone or cards or ipod or whatever you feel like putting in there! 

the store that i bought this from also sells the product in white with gold detailing!

but i recently found and image of a similar product that had grey / silver -ish detailing which i would have more likely purchased but this product is great too! 

i'm afraid i'm becoming addicted to online shopping again!

but worse than that is the fact that i may be becoming a hoarder for cute things! 

oh nuuu ! X3

haha i don't really mind! as long as i'm happy with everything i have right? 

and i'm pretty sure i'm getting there at the moment which means a lot to me :]

little by little everyone! little by little!

everyone should really check out this seller because they have a huge range of bags! whether you're after something cute and small or larger and able to fit more things... seriously though, check it out.

until next time lovelies! ♥‿♥

mini xox

New 2014 Vintage one shoulder cross-body bag clock bag HARAJUKU circle bag casual messenger bag women's handbag small bags

Price: US $9.90 / piece 


  1. Aw wow this bag is so unique and cute hahahah! I shop @ Aliexpress too. If you find some cute/girly purses on there please let us know :D

    Add me via GFC or Youtube and I will always follow back :)
    xoxo, Mango ❤
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    1. :3 thanks so much sweetness! i'm sure if you just search for some on Aliexpress you'll find some cute ones!