Monday, 28 April 2014

Supanova Pop Culture Expo HAUL!


so, i know it's been about two weeks or so since i went to Supanova in Melbourne for 2014, but I thought it was about time i did a little share on the items I bought this year!!

As you should know from reading my other post on my two days at Melbourne Supanova (if you haven't seen it you can read it here!) and i had a truly magnificent time (as i always do at conventions!!) AND i'm still surprised at the fact that i left Supanova (after two days!) with money! it's CRAZY! seriously unheard of for me!! But i am definitely not saying that I didn't spend money... cauuuuuse i did.... i really did... 

now before i start i had such a tiring two days at supanova that all the stores have kind of blended together into one... and despite the fact that i collected business cards from everywhere i still can't really connect which products are from where so i'm really sorry about that! but i will post links down the bottom of all the stores i DID purchase things from! *excuses i know! i'm sorry!!*

and to start off the list i'll show you my cutie patootie little donut plush/pillow!

 here it is! aaaah so cuuute!!
i saw this plush and i literally felt like i just had to have one! it wasn't until i'd bought it and was showing my house mate at home that i realised it has a cute little face! and that made me love it more!
it's really great quality it's super soft and i carried it around like a giant bracelet for most of the day with my arm through the hole! it was really funny! there were two other colours i think, green and brown (like chocolate icing!) but i saw the purple one first and it was the most appealing to me!
the only thing that was kind of negative about it was that the man who was running the stall was really ... unenthusiastic and rude, i was standing there literally holding my money out in front of me and he just sat down and ignored me until i started yelling "HEY!" at him.... i love the plush and everything it's just that it was a big of a downer on the day... 

 anyway, moving on! next on my list of purchases from Supanova isn't something you'd really expect! while we were walking around all the stores to have a bit of a browse to compare prices and get a look about the variety of things for sale we came across a booth that was selling fudge! and there was a huge selection of flavours and you could have a little taste of them! i have a huge weakness for lemon flavoured things and i saw one sign labelled "Lemon Meringue" and naturally, i had a taste. AND BOUGHT THREE PACKETS! oh jeeeez it was totally amazing! two are pictured because i already ate one! 

 okay, next up is this perfectly adorable little ring that i purchased! it says "SWEET" and i again just saw it and needed it.
it's really great (i think) because it's on an adjustable ring-thing so you can wear it on all different fingers and adjust it accordingly! 
the word itself is made out of a rather strong plastic-y material and i've hit it a couple of times and things and it's taken no damage or anything! and it's an adorable pinkish lavender colour that isn't really pictured well because of my yellow room lights!
(i promise my photos will be getting better soon when i'm less lazy!)
but yeah i'm really in love with this ring and it's become one of my daily wears!

speaking of rings.... i bought more! we found this one store that was called "A Pocketful of Macarons" and i went crazy in my head. this stall was totally out of control full of adorable pastel goth / decora / fairy kei styled accessories! i thought my head was going to explode from too much kawaii! i had such  tough time choosing what to buy that i ended up getting a little present pack ... kinda like a showbag that had mystery gifts in it! there were three bags to choose from and i chose this pink polka dotted bag! inside i got two rings, a pair of kiwi earrings and a lemon candy! (YAY LEMON!) and i seriously couldn't be happier! sorry for no close ups of the rings! one is a little pinkish apple! and the other is a rilakkuma! 

next image is really just a lot of items in one photograph... these items are from miscellaneous stalls but all in one picture. 
firstly, my two little badges! i've been a fan of collecting badges for a while but i haven't really done it actively instead i just buy the occassional ones at conventions or when i see one that i really like. I bought three at supanova this year and i love them all! the first is a small pudding with a kawaii face (of course!), the second is a green floppy disk, also with a kawaii face and the third which is pictured below is a bit of a sciencey joke one saying "neuroscience is sexy"... which it is. (From Visage N Vice)

also in this picture is my two bow rings! i saw the little red one my friend bought from this vendor and i was so excited i bought two! just like what i loved about the SWEET ring i purchased, and for that matter the other two rings, these two bow rings are on adjustable bands! i really love the simplicity of their designs. simple black and white bows one with stripes and one with spots. again i'm sorry for the lack of close up photos. 

from the same store i bought a charmander dog tag. with a totally adorable chibi charmander from pokemon! i bought a bulbasaur one for my house mate as she was unable to come with us on the day T_T and i thought it would be cute. the bulbasaur one is on a green dogtag and is drawn in the same chibi style as charmander! 

and finally there is my sailor moon necklace! i've been wanting to get something like this for a long time! Sailor Moon was one of the first animes i ever watched and it has such a huge sentimental value to me as well as being totally flippin awesome! to this day i wish i was a magical girl and inside i think of myself as one anyway! 

and that is the end of my purchases! i'm really proud of myself for not going crazy and buying everything i saw that i liked... that's a huge step for me! 
i was hoping to buy an Oblivion or Oarthkeeper keyblade from Kingdom Hearts but the only ones there were wayyy to expensive and while that made me sad i'm sure i'll be able to find another one some other time... :3

here are links to stores / stalls that i visited at supanova! - amazing artist!

unfortunately i had to dispute some items i had ordered (which i think i said already) and they're not coming but i am hoping that now all the public holidays are over for a while my packages will start arriving soon! 
and when that happens there will be more reviews coming up!

thanks for reading! 

mini xox


  1. Hey where is the cute donut from, I have the pink one and I was hoping to get one for my friend

    1. yikes! i'm not sure i remember!
      they have a stall at every con i've been too (in melbourne at least!)