Thursday, 6 March 2014

middle earth leggings review!

annyeong!! hihi!

i've a new arrival! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

yes, that's right finally another review of something off my extremely large order list - so exciting!
okay, so the seller is heeerre -> 
Fancy E-Commerce Co.,Ltd

LG005 2014 new arrival hot women fashion digital printed Leggings black Milk Pants slim brand womans MIDDLE EARTH MAP

$8.99US / $9.98AUD

and this is it, I'll start as usual with a photo from the store -> 
ta daaaa - dem legs!

okay, so here are my product photos as well as my comments on the product - you know how it goes!   :3

so, here's my little package! it was really great how small they sent the leggings cause then they could just leave it in my letter box! and that was exciting means i didn't have to go to the post office and collect it on the weekend - which is a real drag.

so, anyway, i've opened the outside plastic to get the main business of the clear plastic pictured on the left! i really love the look of the product thus farrr - exciiiting ^-^
l! -no more packaging between me and my silky smooooooooth nerd leggings... XD

now i'm closer to the product i can see that the quality of the print isn't pure and super sharp which i like because if you have fat thighs or anything like that no one can tell like when you stretch a picture over a canvas that's too small... y'know... but i like it.

okay, quick selfie before we continue. i've got cheer tonight so i haven't washed my hair yet XD

also! sorry for the hideously dirty mirror, i've had to use my housemates as mine smashed T_T

also mirror selfies are entirely my forte but i promise to work on them for next time XD - unless i get a new tripod then i can start using my actual camera instead of my phone! but still... MOVING ON

now, these are so darn silky it's crazy i just wanna rub them all over my face - but - well but nothing! so sofft

i love putting them on because they just slide over my legs as i put them on - ahhhhhhhh that feeling *lip smack*

okay, i really love how long these are - cause i'm really short it's good for my because i can wear them as waist high or i can roll them up or wear them over my heels or whatever - the possibilities are endlessssssss 

another great bit is that these don't really have a back or a front - from what i've noticed...
so i can wear them with this side on the front - with mirkwood or i can wear them the other way with mirkwood on the back... awesome.
here's a close up of my favourite bit - with 
mirkwood over the thigh. hmmmm i love these leggings. 

okay, so i'm sure you remember that i still have a huuuuuge heap of clothes to arrive including another pair of leggings - Slytherin though :3
 yeaaahh nerddd

so keeeeep posted because i hope they will be arriving within the week... wew

yeaaaaaah reviewsss weeeww

also my inspiration posts are on the first of each month and i'm hoping to do maybe a style spotlight once a month or something like that so keep involved and watch this space!

mini xox 


  1. Hey I've just found this review from looking on the store website and feeling a bit unsure about the leggings, but this review really helped! I was really worried about the quality of them but from the pictures they look so nice!
    May I ask what size you got? I'm not too sure which one to get


    1. Hi there Samantha!
      This product is actually a 'free' size which means it one comes in this one size. However the material is rather stretchy and can fit maybe up to two sizes bigger.
      I actually wore these yesterday and they were really nice to wear and i got lots of compliments!
      any other questions feel free to ask!


  2. Such pretty and attractive leggings! Loved their designs and looks super comfortable too. Going to buy branded work out clothes from an online store where discount is available. I just love stretchy fabric during yoga sessions for comfort.