Thursday, 30 January 2014

//late// East International Knitting Co.,Ltd. products review!

hihi! mini here!

recently i discovered a new and wonderful place for shopping for - well everything!

after adding an obsessive amount of things to my wish list i decided to lash out and purchase a list of things from this seller - and gawsh was i excited to find them all, let alone receive them!

all the items i purchased were from one seller and that seller is: East International Knitting Co.,Ltd. 

anyway, the items in this i've had for just over a month now *before Christmas arrival*
and they've since been added to my favourites in my wardrobe and i will start with this one since i wore it today!!

<-product shots from the store are on the left. 
$11.99 AUD

 okay, things i love about this jumper ... well i naturally have to start with the colour! it's spectacular - while in this image it does appear a little darker than it is in reality (that was a bit upsetting because i'm still making the transition from wearing black 24/7 to wearing other colours), however i am still glad that i purchased something so colourful.
wearing it is really nice, the material is soft enough for the item to be worn without something under it - like a singlet or anything.

the thing that made me buy the sweater was the stylised cuts in the sleeves and in the middle, i'm a sucker for ripped and ruined looking clothes so this was a huge selling point for me!! 

something really fun about this item is that when the wind blows sometimes it goes into the little holes in and it's kinda a nice feeling c:

second item is totally amazing, i'm still freaking out that i got it! c:

$12.55 AUD
this is where you find out i'm a huge nerd :x

i've always wanted a something to represent my fandom of the lord of the rings and hobbit series' without paying out the nose for it... and then i discovered these wonderful, wonderful things.

the bodysuit fits all sizes, is super soft and the details on the ring are pretty much perfect. however there is not as much contrast in the ring as there is in the image from the site... to be expected really...

i wish the bottom was more of a boy shorts kind of shape rather than a bikini shape, but that's personal preference...

i like to wear mine under shorts or high waisted jeans or a skirt. 

following on with the fandom purchases i also purchased this dress of a map of middle earth ...

$11.99 AUD
i really like this dress because it's an accurate representation of the map of middle earth 

along with this the dress is comfortable - not "too" short (haha not really a problem)

i'm fairly sure it's made out of the same, if not similar, material to the body/play suit of the ring and that is a super soft silky kind of fabric that slides over your skin in such a relaxing way ... mmmmmmm 

the only thing i don't like about this dress is that i wanted it to be a tad bigger and less body hugging - just cause of personal reasons ... though i do love it and wish i could wear it all the time!

the next product is something that i adore to extreme limits, i have began using it practically daily because i didn't realise how perfect it was for all the things i need to carry all the time!

$10.49 AUD

how can anyone not need this?

the cat is shooting lasers out of it's eyes and the triangle makes it look like it's wearing a party hat! cmon people!!!!

anyway, i didn't pay attention to any of the details when i purchased this - i literally just saw what the picture was and added it to my cart.. what can i say? i'm a huge crazy cat lady...

anyway, this bag fits my 15'' laptop as well as the charger and things i need for college... it's built strong and it looks damn amazing!

i also currently, while on holidays, use it for my cheer things such as shoes, drink bottle, jumper, hair supplies, snacks etc. etc... it's such a great size for daily needs.

$9.99 AUD

i purchased some leggings because i was getting seriously sick of wearing skinny black jeans all the time...  actually they all got holes in them T_T

as mentioned above i am slowly leaving the realm of constantly wearing black clothes and i thought these could help me with the trainsition! - boy was i right!

they're still dark - without being boring or solid and they're a great fit.
they don't go see through when stretched and they feel great to wear!

they can be worn as pants themselves (if you have a great ass, do it!) or they can have something with length worn over the top. it really depends on you and the weather! 

the final item i bought for my brother as a christmas present, it's his favourite cat picture on a jumper - genius.

$19.99 AUD
i know i'm the best sister ever.

if you think you don't need this you're wrong... look at his face

everyone needs at least two cat jumpers / cat related items of clothing and if this is one of them you're fantastic.

 anyway, that's a super long review - be sure to check out their products at East International Knitting Co, Ltd.

i'm expecting lots of products including some shoes soon, so keep an eye out for those reviews to come.

sorry no pictures just now, i'm exhausted from cheerleading. i'm sure you will see the clothes in some outfit of the day pictures in the future.

mini xox


  1. Thanks for your review! I was very hesitant to buy from the seller (I've have had bad experiences buying clothes from china), but after your review I am excited to recieve my package! :D how long did it take to arrive?

    1. not too long considering i live in australia!
      i've bought from this seller quite a bit - i'd say they're wroth waiting for1

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